The benefits of doggie daycare


Boredom/Separation Anxiety

Pets can develop destructive behaviors when left alone and               unattended for hours while your away or just sit in a corner sadden  that they're all alone.  Come and join our furry family.  When your       pet leaves Barks and Purrs, they will be exhausted after constant     interacting with other pets.  Allow them to release all that energy      while chasing balls with new buddies, just lots of barking, safe         rough housing, and of course "treats"!!!  We do understand that         some pets have allergies to certain treats, if its written on the pet       application we will ensure your pet is safe.                                            



6 Good reasons why your pet should exercise:

  1. Burn off excess energy so they can go to sleep earlier
  2. Display confidence are not easily frightened
  3. Keep their weight under control
  4. Lack behavior problems such as chewing, digging, excessive barking, or hyperactivity
  5. Maintain a healthier digestive system
  6. Stay healthy, agile and limber long into adulthood


Pet Socialization

  1. Puppies are highly impressionable. Dogs are most impressionable as puppies, particularly during their first three to six months of life. Early socialization has the greatest effect on a puppy and it can shape them into who they will be as an adult.
  2. Reducing fear and anxiety. At its most basic level, socializing your puppy simply involves exposing them to new things. For a puppy, the entire world is new but it is also exciting. For an adult dog, new experiences can be frightening. If you socialize your puppy while he/she is still young, they will learn to enjoy new experiences and will handle them calmly. If you don’t socialize your dog they may be fearful of new people and frightened by unfamiliar situations.
  3. Better veterinary exams. Going to the vet can be a little frightening for a dog, especially the first few times, but it shouldn’t be a traumatic experience. Making sure that your puppy has their first vet visit early on will make all of your future vet visits less stressful.
  4. More options for exercise. If your dog isn’t properly socialized, they may be fearful of places or situations where they might encounter other dogs, like the dog park. This fear can severely limit your options for exercise and if your dog doesn’t get enough exercise, it could have a seriously detrimental effect on his health.
  5. Less stress at the groomer. If your dog has a long or curly coat, regular grooming sessions may be necessary. Taking your puppy in for his/her first grooming visit while he/she is young will help to make sure that they get used to things like having their nails trimmed, coats brushed, and taking a bath.
  6. Reduced dog aggression. Some dogs are simply more dog-friendly than others, but socialization plays a major role in determining how your dog will react to and interact with dogs they don’t know. While taking a brand-new puppy to the dog park isn’t a good idea, making sure that your puppy meets and forms positive relationships with other dogs while young can reduce the risk for dog aggression later.
  7. Less stressful travel and car trips. Many dogs love to ride in the car, though some are terrified of car trips because they associate them with visits to the vet. If you get your puppy used to riding in the car from a young age, you will find it much easier to take them on car trips and you may even be able to travel with them.