Pet Daycare and Boarding Policy


Pet Day Care and Boarding

  • No exceptions can be made with this policy

  • We only provide daycare to dogs that are 40 pounds or less.  We do have some exceptions with short overweight pets.  We will evaluate and see if your pet makes the cut.  We also have a treadmill available to exercise your pet.  We will need a thorough history on your pet to ensure your veterinarian allows him/her to exercise.  This will be a slow process under the watchful eye of a staff member and an additional cost  Pets will not be able to utilize the treadmill without their veterinarians health exam.  We need to know if your pets has any health issues. 

All dogs must be 22 inches or less from the top of the hear to the floor to board or be accepted for daycare, no exceptions.

  • All male dogs must be neutered after 4-6 months of age, depending on your veterinarians policy.  We do not accept female dogs in heat

  • Each pet must pass the evaluation interview,  A reservation needs to be made for the evaluation interview  (Please read Assessment Process below)

  • Vaccinations record for Canines: DHLPP (D-Distemper, H-Hepatitis, L-Leptospirosis, P-Parainfluenza, and P-Parvovirus).  Bordetella (kennel cough) is required within 12 months of visit.  Fecal and Heartworm testing are also required.  
  • Vaccination record for Felines:  FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia) and a fecal examination.
  • Monthly flea/tick and heartworm prevention required, if pet is examined and has fleas or ticks, our staff will provide a flea bath (owner is responsible for cost).  Please have your veterinarian email all current vaccinations and heartworm/fecal/flea administration to

  • Dogs must have collar or harness with leash attached when coming to daycare and cats are to be in carriers at all times.

  • If, for any reason, owner is unable to pick up pet, it is the owners responsibility to inform us ahead of time and provide a name of the person who will pick up the pet.  The person picking up the pet must provide a valid ID at the time of pick up.

  • Late pick up fee after closing (6pm) will be $5 every 15 mins you are late.  Please notify us if your running late.

  • Assessment Process:  Each dog goes through a temperament assessment process while boarding or daycare through us.  The Daycare assessment last between 2- 4 hours by appointment only.  You can drop them off for 2 to 4 hours or a full day depending on your work schedule.  The boarding assessment is a period of two days and will determine whether or not your pet can be boarded at our facility.

  • All forms and disclaimers must be signed by the owner's of the pets at the time of the assessment.

  • Food and Medication:  If food is brought by the owner, Barks and Purrs will not apply a charge.  If Barks and Purrs provides meals then we will charged by weight of pet.    All food shall be in an air tight container or zip lock bag with Pet and owners name on package.  We do not accept bags of food, unless it has a zip lock pouch.  All medication shall be in their original sealed containers and labeled must be legible, you may also provide a typed out form for special medication administration instructions.  Medication fee's under Daycare Pricing.

  • Daycare:  After the assessment is completed, dogs are welcomed to attend day care during normal hours of operation.  Dogs are collected between 7am and 9am, our front gate is then locked at 9am for the safety of our pets.  Pets are then escorted in the back for playtime.  If the gate is locked, please call the phone numbers provided to you, displayed outside the gate so we may have your pet join the festivities, we do understand traffic in town is tight.

  • Boarding:  Pets that are boarding may check in between 7am-8:45am, 1pm-2pm, 4:30pm-6pm Monday-Friday.  Pet drop offs on Saturdays are from 10am to 1:30pm only.  There is a mandatory boarding of 2 full days minimum stay prior to their boarding check in date. 

  • Monday thru Friday, pet pickup time is before 10am.  After 10am, boarding pets become daycare.  If boarding pets are picked up after 6pm, a half day charge will be charged.  If pets are picked up after 9pm a full day boarding charge will be charged.
  • Pick up time will coincide with time of drop off.  Any time after drop off time, will be a half boarding charge, after 6pm will be a full boarding charge.
  • If clients are unable to pick up pet before an early drop off, we will place the pet on full daycare and remove boarding status.

  • Boarding pet pick-ups on Saturday are from 10am to 1:30pm.

  • Barks and Purrs is closed on Sundays and no pets will be released on this day.

  • Payment:  Payment for daycare is due at the end of each day (cash, check or credit card).  Packages for daycare services can be pre-purchased, they are non-refundable and will expire in 60 days after first usage.  Payment for boarding is due after completion of boarding with the following exceptions:
    • Vacation/Business travel exceeds 15 days, owner will provide half payment.
    • During peak season, owner will provide half payment to hold their booking (non-refundable), payment is due after passing assessment.
    • Boarding over 20 days, owner will provide full payment on total length of time boarding.  Payment due after assessment.


Long Term Boarding

Why board at Barks and Purrs?

We provide comfortable kennels and kennel free for those

pets who can get along with others.  We socialize our boarders with other dogs boarding and daycare, we prefer not to place them in kennels as they would in a hospital setting.  Pets who

board with us will undergo a temperament screening and if they pass they will have fun with our pet daycare guest on a daily basis.  if your pet(s) would rather be alone, we will wait till our daycare pets have left and they will be taken outside to play and stretch.  You will never have to worry about your pet(s) stuck in a kennel for hours, pet daycare doggies are safely secured in the back of the facility and our boarders can be taken in the front area to stretch and relieve themselves.  While your away, your pet is now our furry friend to love and cuddle with.