Coronavirus Assistance


Working at Home

This may be something new to you and your pet.  Your pet will assume that you are there for them and only in their interest.  Time to play, why are you ignoring me, when are we going outside to walk.  They may not understand what the new change is and will do anything to get your attention while you are focusing on work and important teleconferences.


Who is that in my lawn, I hear a noise, time to engage in some conversation. "Bark"!!!

Dogs don't understand that you, the owner need some quiet time to focus on work and will do their best to protect their home, so they bark and bark and bark.  Quieting a household guardian is a job in itself and will distract you from your work.


Let us at Barks and Purrs Pet Daycare help you and your pet

At Barks and Purrs, we allow dogs to be dogs, lots of play time to keep them busy while you take care of the household needs in this time of crisis.  We do understand that during this time, funds can be tight and we are willing to assist with that.  Please give us a call and lets see what we can do for you during the mandatory curfew.