Your Furry Friend's Home Away from Home

Your Furry Friend's Home Away from Home

Your Furry Friend's Home Away from HomeYour Furry Friend's Home Away from HomeYour Furry Friend's Home Away from Home

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Hello, my name is Richard and welcome to our amazing pet haven, Barks and Purrs Pet Daycare and More.. Our furry friends are a big part of our lives and as a pet owner, I would want my kids to have a perfect place to play and feel comfortable. My boarding pets will not be stuck in a kennel and will enjoy their stay interacting with my daycare family. I was a prior veterinary technician and worked in various hospitals in the mainland and Hawaii. Unfortunately many hospitals are not set up to allow pets to run free during their stay and are only taken out of their kennels two to three times in a 24 hour period. This is why I decided to open up Barks and Purrs. 1. I want my pets to enjoy a large yard and meet new friends. 2. I'm a pet nurse and very much aware of all types of diseases or injuries if they should occur and are noticeable. 3. I believe pets should not be locked up in

Pets are family members, our furry children keep us happy and love us unconditionally.

Please contact us and lets make a date to visit our amazing facility. I tend to keep our daily furry family to less than 30 pets per day. An overcrowded facility can be overwhelming to pets. We want to make sure every pet in our care is played with, cuddled and especially has our full attention. I want to ensure you that your forever friend is in the hands of a pet lovers and caregivers.

Barks and Purrs Pet news and what we provide

Holiday Boarding


Now is the time to start making plans on             boarding your furry pals during the Holiday          season.                                                                        

Barks and Purrs has limited room for boarding    pets and beds are filling up quickly.                        

If you book a space during October 01, 2019         thru January 15, 2020, we will require a down       payment to hold your space.  Please don't wait    till last minute, we would be sadden to have to   turn away pets due to limited space.  Its good       practice to book holidays at least two or more      weeks prior to the holidays.                                     

Note:  Prices will change during holiday peak season.

Puppy Boarding Requirements


If you plan on boarding your new puppy, please ensure they have received all their vaccinations.  We do not board puppies who have not               received all series of vaccinations.  This also      includes heartworm, fecal exams and flea           treatments.                                                                

Special Needs pets


As our friends age many tend to go blind or         deaf.  Some pets get injured severely and               others are hereditary diseases.  We still must           love them unconditionally as they do with us.             


Because they fall into this category, we take         

special care on such pets and they require           much more attention.  We do have an additional   charge added per day to ensure your pet is           looked after and can still enjoy the outdoors          with one on one staff member.                                

Post surgical nursing, we can keep them immobilized and provide therapy and love


Planned a vacation and your pet had an unexpected limb surgery.  We will watch over your pet and provide the proper care and therapy needed to accelerate the healing process.  Being a pet nurse and working side by side a well known orthopedic doctor who has trained me well on providing proper physical therapy on such matters. Enjoy your vacation or overseas business plans, and let me care for your pet.  Nursing for pets 40 pounds or under.  Call us and we will inform you what is required before boarding your pet.  

Cats and Kittens


Yes, Barks and "Purrs" has room for our feline friends.  They are separated from our canines and have a room all to themselves.  They can climb, jump and play all day.                                                      

If your cat has been through a orthopedic surgery and you planned on leaving the island, we can care for them while your away.  We specialize on accelerated healing and provide proper physical therapy on your loved one.

Please ensure that your feline is not fractious, if so, it would be wise to keep them in a hospital setting where they can keep them calmer.  All others will be placed in separate kennels or our cat suite if you have two or more.  Our kenneled cats will have access to our play room with a staff member.

Tell a friend


Tell a friend about us and receive a 10% discount on your total bill.                        

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Driving directions:

Directly across Goodyear, enter at the driveway for Salz Lock and Key, immediately turn right into adjacent parking structure. Barks and Purrs is located through the fence and upstairs.  Kahala Pet Hospital is directly below us.

Barks and Purrs Pet Daycare and More

3020 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816, United States

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