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Aloha, my name is Richard Paiz and the owner of Barks and Purrs Pet Daycare and More.. Since I was a boy I have been surrounded by pets, dogs, cats, reptiles, fish and the list goes on. My dream job was a veterinarian, but being raised by a single mom and many siblings, I decided to take a short tour in the navy. My short tour ended 26 years later and when I retired, I pursued my dream in 2009 and attended Veterinary Technician School in Renton, WA. My Hawaiian born wife and I moved back to the island in 2012 and there I worked for an amazing surgeon, Dr. Patrick Leadbeater. After 6 years, I decided to follow my dreams and created, Barks and Purrs Pet Daycare and More..

Why a doggie daycare? I enjoy my furry friends and just like watching them play all day. Knowing people trust me and my staff to socialize and care for their pets for hours is a great honor. Training puppies to adapt to apartment living, working with dogs that never had canine friends in their lives and watching over our geriatric pets and allowing them to safely venture about is why I was brought into this world.

Please contact us and lets make a date to visit our amazing facility. I tend to keep our daily furry family to less than 30 pets per day. An overcrowded facility can be overwhelming to pets. We want to make sure every pet in our care is played with, cuddled and especially has our full attention. I want to ensure you that your forever friend is in the hands of a pet lover and caregiver.

What Barks and Purrs Pet Daycare provides to our customers

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New brother or sister


Having a bit(e) of a problem with a new brother or sister. Most adopted dogs tend to be shy and the alpha of the house is not too fond of a new face.   I can assist on working with them one on one and then slowly introduce them together with the pack.  

Puppy socialization training. Potty pad, chewing, jumping


Puppy's, we just love a new cuddly and playful friend, but they tend to play bite and there goes your shoes, furnishings and of course, the older house dog.  Let us work with them and introduce them to the proper potty places, play with toys and not personal items and especially, how to properly play with other dogs. 

Post surgical nursing, we can keep them immobilized and provide therapy and love


Planned a vacation and your pet had an unexpected limb surgery.  We will watch over your pet and provide the proper care and therapy needed to accelerate the healing process.  Being a pet nurse and working side by side a well known orthopedic doctor who has trained me well on providing proper physical therapy on such matters. Enjoy your vacation or overseas business plans, and let me care for your pet.  

Cats and Kittens


Yes, Barks and "Purrs" has room for our feline friends.  They are separated from our canines and have a room all to themselves.  They can climb, jump and play all day.                                                      

If your cat has been through a orthopedic surgery and you planned on leaving the island, we can care for them while your away.  We specialize on accelerated healing and provide proper physical therapy on your loved one.

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Tell a friend about us and receive a 10% discount on your total bill.                        

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Driving directions:

Directly across Goodyear, enter at the driveway for Salz Lock and Key, immediately turn right into adjacent parking structure. Barks and Purrs is located through the fence and upstairs.  Kahala Pet Hospital is directly below us.

Barks and Purrs Pet Daycare and More

3020 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816, United States

Working hours:808-376-0680 7am-6pm After working hours: 6pm 808-281-1888

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Monday - Friday: 7am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 2pm

Sunday:  Closed 

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