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Hello, my name is Richard and welcome to our amazing pet haven, Barks and Purrs Pet Daycare and More..

Aloha, we at Barks and Purrs understand that the current situation has held us back from traveling and keeping us safely secured at our homes.  Our pets too have suffered, they are probably excited that mom and dad are home with them, but our furry friends require exercise and socializing with friends other than humans.  I would love to share my fun facility with your loved ones.  They will enjoy playing with friends, running in a covered yard, lots of obstacles to play on, chasing balls and toys.  If Barks and Purrs is out of your reach, please locate another doggie daycare to get them out of the house and stretch their limbs.  Keeping your pets indoors or brisk walks once or twice a day is nothing compared to full sprint runs and barking for hours.  If a dog is kept home      and just lays around, it will stiffen its legs and the "synovial" fluid in their joints will not be distributed, which will then cause early on arthritis.                         Arthritis is very painful in dogs as it is with humans.  We at Barks and Purrs Pet Daycare and More are open during this time and will love to meet your little ones.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Barks and Purrs Pet Daycare and More is your Pet Sanctuary.

Barks and Purrs brought this wonderful facility to life in October 2018.     

When facing  the building we have the first five parking stalls on the right  and four on the left.  During the raining season we want our clients, as       well as our pets to stay dry, so please park in the carport and drop off         little ones.                                                                                                                     


Arriving to our place.

We are located on Waialae Avenue.  If you pass City Mill and St. Louis Drive, please stay to the right and you will approach the "Freeway King St. sign, make a quick right into Salz Lock and Key parking lot, make another right into adjacent parking lot between green rubbish bin and wall.  We are located in the back.                                                                                                 

If coming from the west, exit King Street, stay to the left and make   a left at the first light.  Go straight onto Waialae, we are on the left    parallel with Downing Hawaii.  Salz lock and key is parallel with Goodyear, please make  a left into Salz lock and key parking lot.  Make a right between the green      rubbish bin and wall into adjacent  parking lot.  We are in the back.                                                                

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Driving directions:

Directly across Goodyear, enter at the driveway for Salz Lock and Key, immediately turn right into adjacent parking structure. Barks and Purrs is located in the back, our entrance is through the carport.

Barks and Purrs Pet Daycare and More

3020 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816, United States

Working hours: 808-281-1888 7am-6pm

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Monday - Friday: 7am - 6pm
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