Barks and Purrs doggie spa

B & P Spa Special


Regular grooming is not just a luxury - it's essential to general health and well-being, especially for pets. Services include bath, & brush treatments with high-quality organic shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, and surface ear cleaning.

Buzz cut/Shave

If your pet has alopecia or extreme matting or tangles, we can shave your pet down.  Because of this type of cut, we will do our best to make it look great.  This type of cut will take up to 2-2-2/12 hours.  It also includes spa treatment above, including anal glands and toe nail trim.

Barks and Purrs Spa prices while pets are at Daycare or boarding with us


Under 15lb                    $30

16-30lb                          $40

31-40lb                          $50

Walk-ins with reservations

Under 15lb                    $35

16-30lb                          $45

31-40lb                          $55

41-50lb                          $65

Over 50/Under 80        $75

Buzz cut/shave

Under   9lb                    $55

10-30lb                          $65

31-40lb                          $70

41-50lb                          $75

Over 50/Under 80        We will need 

to see pet prior to  pricing.               

Nail Trim


If you’ve ever tried to trim your dog’s nails on your own, you’re no doubt aware that they have a blood vessel called the “quick” which runs through the middle of their nails. Accidentally cutting the quick can led to bleeding and pain. Avoid the stress and leave the nail trims to our capable spa experts, who know exactly how far to cut with nail clippers or file with a Dremel.  Prices below for daycare and boarding pets with Barks and Purrs.

Under 15lb                    $5

16-30lb                          $8

 31-40lb                        $10

41-50lb                         $15

Non-Pet daycare or boarders $25 (please schedule for an appointment)

Anal Gland Express


Anal glands are often problematic, especially in small dogs. In an ideal situation, anal glands are expressed naturally whenever the dog has a bowel movement. The movement of the feces causes the anal glands to be automatically expressed.  Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and often small dogs find that their anal glands are not being fully expressed. Larger dogs with loose stools or low fiber diets can also face problems with expressing their anal glands. The symptoms of anal gland problems are not pretty, and you can be sure you’ll notice your dog’s discomfort soon enough.  If you’ve been spotting your dog scooting his rear end all over the place, whether on the carpet, in bed or in your own lap, there’s a good chance he is suffering from anal gland problems. Dogs often scoot their butts in order to try to relieve an itch caused by irritated anal glands.

Under 15lb                    $5

16-30lb                          $8

31-40lb                          $10

41-50lb                          $15

Non-Pet daycare or boarders $25 (please schedule for an appointment)

Brush outs


Why does a dog require a brush out:

1. Dogs’ coats contain natural oils, but since dogs don’t groom themselves as obsessively as cats do, they need a little help spreading those natural oils around. It will help them looks shiny and fabulous and prevent any greasy buildup.

2. It helps prevent painful mats, If you’ve ever had somebody pull your hair, you know how painful it can be. Now imagine that same sharp sensation over your entire body and you’ll have an idea of how miserable a matted dog must be. Not only are mats painful, but they can hide and even cause skin problems like wounds and infections.

3.Brushing your dog regularly helps you get to know how your dog’s skin usually looks so that you can notice anything different. Some bumps are harmless, but if you spot one that isn’t, early detection can mean the difference between life and death.

4.The more hair you can get off of your dog with a brush, the less hair will be floating around your house, on the furniture, and all over your clothes.

5. Let’s face it – a well-brushed dog looks better, happier, and healthier than one that’s not. 

Pricing depends on length of pets hair, size and amount of mats.